The Labyrinth at St. John's

A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze has an entrance and a goal and it may have many paths and many dead ends. In a maze there are many choices and false paths. A labyrinth is very different. A labyrinth has an entrance and goal but only one path and no dead ends. Therefore, simple persistence to follow the path is all that is required to eventually arrive at the goal and back out again after many unexpected turns and changes of direction.

There are several different kinds of labyrinths with several different shapes. The labyrinth in St. Johns parking lot is a replica of the famous eleven circuit labyrinth in the floor of the crossing in the Chartres Cathedral. Our labyrinth is slightly larger than the one at Chartres, 42 feet in diameter verses 50 feet in diameter. A complete circuit of our labyrinth from the start to the center and back to the start is about 633 yards or a little more than a third of a mile.

A labyrinth is an aid to meditation and a person can walk and pray the labyrinth any way he or she chooses. There is no one way to use the labyrinth and many people use it for meditation and reflection not just prayer. Many people have found that walking the labyrinth allows one to be "doing something," and to also have "quiet time," that for them may otherwise be impossible with or without meditation or prayer.